Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

With the proliferation of the Cloud Technology, there has been a remarkable shift in the way enterprises viewed IT services. As the landscape of technology is dynamically evolving, so is changing the nature and requirements of businesses. More and more business houses are choosing to outsource their IT tasks to dependable and comprehensive IT service vendors who can provide them a wide range of support, processes, technologies, and software for multiple projects.

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Audit remediation and Compliance

Network and Datacenter

Systems Architecture

Documentation and artifatcs

Phone Systems

Vendor Management

Cloud governance



What is ITaaS and Why is it Important?

In simple words, IT as a Service or ITaaS is the IT knowhow and services that the service provider offers to its client. The service ideally encompasses end-to-end assistance, including a catalogue with pricing, SLA, supply chain management of resources, execution, trouble shooting, data security, and so on. The client enterprise gets a wide variety of choices of services to choose from the catalogue with the liberty to pay only for the service they want to consume.

An in-house IT department can no longer serve the growingly complex technology requirements of the modern world, including agility. Carezian is a cohesive ITaaS provider with the right talent pool and resources, essential to tackle every challenge that the competitive business world poses. We work as a part of our client’s internal team and tender the best methodologies and solutions to address their unique business requirements along with the entire service life cycle.

How can we assist?

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Accountability and Consistency: These two are the two vital aspects of our service policy. We adopt the best practices and offer the tools and technologies, relevant to a particular business environment, while continuously updating ourselves to stay a step ahead. We at Carezian focus on empowering organizations with resilient and scalable IT solutions that are cost effective and has the minimum implementation timeline. Carezian offers visible service goals, transparent pricing, and a commitment to adapt to new priorities right from the evaluation process.

The Carezian Benefits for ITaaS

  • Comprehensive: From helping to identify the right service requirement, negotiating SLAs to the timely delivery, our end-to-end process management covers not only technical expertise but also client management, change management, etc., as we help our end users to take an informed decision regarding the partnership.
  • Bespoken: Carezian always strives to offer solutions that are specific to the unique requirements of the enterprise we are serving. In doing so, we take into account the business line, nature of the industry, and the service risks involved.
  • Cost Effective: Working as a single point of contact, our model of business eliminates the requirement of any additional support. We have access to an extensive library of solutions and are more than equipped to manage complex IT operations of large and SMB enterprises.
  • Optimization: In all our partnered services, our outcome-oriented method emphasises on optimizing operations and improving the top line and bottom line of our clients.

Our ITaaS goes beyond meeting client expectations; rather we keep on inventing and improving our resources to raise the bar even higher with our every project.

SMB (Small & Mid-Size) SME & Mid Enterprises Large Enterprises

Our well-crafted IT Service is tailored to soothe your business whether you are an early-stage start-up or established as a small and medium-sized business. Let us be your dedicated IT Dept. Avoid FTE Staff overhead, Or We can help build your IT dept.

Are you a Small and Medium Enterprise or "Mid-Market"? Then this is where we help you win. Although high Caliber Talent may be out of reach due to budget constraints – We can help. Ensuring your success and increased market share or whatever objective you have becomes our mandate.

Let us partner with you for staff augmentation or moving the needle for your large projects or initiatives. Domestic or International – We can be that last-mile to deliver or even extend IT services while minimizing cost and increasing profit margin.


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