Architecture & Engineering (AEC)

AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction)

Carezian delivers industry specific IT solutions for enterprises in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction domain. With our scalable services organizations can achieve frictionless workflow management, eliminate security risks, and ensure smooth functioning of their operations. Our curated solutions will empower businesses in the AEC sector to address downtime issues, efficiently manage their production, and boost their bottom line.

We can create an IT infrastructure that will compliment your business objectives and strengthen your network health. With Carezian your organizational system can handle large volume of files, maintain communication across departments and locations, while remaining compliant with all the statutory regulations applicable to your business.

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Our comprehensive services will optimize your network, devices, and software applications. In addition to various AEC-specific programs, such as AutoCAD, Sage, etc., we can also help your organization with a wide array of services, such as:

  • Data backup and data recovery
  • Industry and environmental compliance
  • Enhanced communication across internal units and on-field team members
  • Less downtime, resulting in higher productivity.

We are familiar with the relevant tools of trade, and can design solutions around the following applications, extensively used in the AEC space:

  • AutoCAD
  • Secure Field Communication
  • Sage
  • Revit
  • BIM360 Solutions

Autodesk solutions for AEC, are time and cost-effective tool, used globally by the AEC industry players. The applications can be utilized for gaining competitive advantage, as it can revolutionize the way ideas are translated into designs. Carezian can help with a number of industry specific solutions, such as, AutoCAD, Sage, Revit, and more. Our solutions also include management of specific BIM projects, optimization and implementation of BIM processes, etc.

Our Autodesk solutions link data, workflow, and teams at every stage of a project life cycle. We will provide bespoken services according to your unique requirements that will connect your all project stakeholders. We will design the appropriate workflows for your enterprise and enforce a secure channel of information shared with your team members, clients, and business associates.

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