Today businesses need to migrate to the Cloud and adopt the digital transformation. However, many consider a hybrid environment of DevOps and Cloud computing, as a more viable option. DevOps is all about developing quickly as per user requirements, whereas Cloud offers automated scaling and provisioning for application changes. As both the areas are relatively new, and best practices are still not clear, it can be challenging for organizations to join the two environments.

Points to Consider for Adopting the Cloud

  • It is not a practical approach to relocate applications to the Cloud, that are based on traditional technologies.
  • Migrating to the Cloud will require significant financial investment for hosting.
  • Prioritize and move applications, starting with those applications that will bring the most ROI, if migrated.
  • It is imperative to analyze applications one by one and determine the amount of work each will need for cloud environment.
  • It is a good idea to include Containers into DevOps and Cloud adoption planning.

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