Health Care IT Services

We provide secure and scalable solutions that enable organizations in the health care domain meet the modern IT requirements of the new digitalized world. Our cost-effective HealthCare services offer industry best practices, that address key business metrics and facilitate healthcare providers to focus on improved patient care. You can optimize your entire IT infrastructure with our end-to-end managed services, entailing consultation, implementation, testing, and a robust customer support.

Worried about data center compliance?

We can empower your hospital to offer the stringent regulatory compliance provisions with our top-notch operations and facilities. We can implement HIPPA and HITECH Relations and compliance for your data storage, so that you can keep delivering exceptional patient outcomes and improved experience for both patients and your internal staff.

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Ransomware Threats Looming over your Go-Paperless Plans?

Digitalization presents several advantages, and document management is surely one of them. With EHR (Electronic Health records) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) health care providing enterprises can store and share comprehensive patient data, including health information, diagnosis, observations, treatment plans, diet chart, and more, across departments and even locations. These Personal Health Records also include financial details of the patients. These records follow patients everywhere, and can be accessed and traced in real-time. Maintaining such digitalized documentation has many practical and economical merits, along with the grim risk of cyber threats, like Ransomware attacks. Hackers targeting healthcare facilities and taking vital patient information hostage for money has become a disturbing trend. As these data are incredibly sensitive and critical for saving lives, hospitals and clinics often have to pay out of their pockets when such records are hijacked through cyber malpractices.

We at Carezian realize the magnitude and far-lying impact these security threats can have on the business of a healthcare provider. We can help you to successfully avoid, counter or minimize such attacks. We deliver state of the art resources to manage and maintain your network security. Moreover, our operative procedures, actionable training inputs, incident response plans, data management and restoration will enable you to strengthen your overall network health and protect your valuable data. We can help your healthcare business with seamless EHR/EMR migration and adoption without any hindrance to your day-to-day operations.

Archiving and Streamlining Workflow on your mind?

Diagnostic Imaging requires high-end technologies for the storage and maintenance of medical reports and images. During the process of reporting, RIS or Radiology Information System streamlines the data flow and PACS or Picture Archiving and Communication System, manages the archiving of the acquired images. Healthcare professionals also leverage these programs for gaining access to the images from their respective reporting terminals and enforce an efficient workflow management. Carezian offers customized solutions for the overall management and storage of patient records and all diagnostic images. We provide comprehensive data management, ensure compatibility of various systems used within the IT framework of an organization, furthering the healthcare organization’s cause of maintaining digitalized medical records.

Our IT solutions will improve the way you store and manage your valuable patient health data. We will be with you on this journey to digitalization through the entire service life cycle, from admission to discharge.

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