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Carezian offers a full-suite of IT services, including consultation, integration, and implementation for Banking, Fintech, and other financial service proving enterprises and start-ups. We offer innovative measures to optimize your financial activities and deliver enhanced customer experience, while achieving the vital business objectives.

Improved Member Experience

Customer or member experience is increasingly becoming vital for business growth. Enterprises have no choice but to focus on customer-centric products and services, including a high level of convenience. Failing to do so will mean loss of potential and even loyal customers. As an innovative company, we understand the requirement for convenient and user-friendly solutions. We provide fast, secure, and user-friendly IT solutions that are responsive, seamless, and scalable. According to multiple surveys, the young generation is not satisfied with traditional and institutional approach regarding their financial and banking requirements. There is growing need for responsive and interactive digital services. Carezian can help Fintech organizations tap into this huge potential and expand their business significantly. We not only deliver cost-effective technology but also a high level of customer support, which is imperative to attract and retain customers.

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Increased Account Opening

The ease of digitalized finance services was once considered as a preferred convenience. However, with Covid19 it has become a necessity. And if as a Fintech business, you want to increase your account opening rate, technology is the only way to go. However, it is not enough to only provide telecommunication, digital channels, and efficient online experience. Organizations in the competitive finance industry need Data Management, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to drive their customer acquisition process. We can help you leverage analytics and tracking programs to identify gaps in the sales funnel. With our data processing service, you can manage and capture data, and uncover valuable insights from them. Our AI and ML models can improve your decision-making processes with statistics and predictive response. Carezian has in its arsenal the right tools to facilitate omnichannel engagement, automation, and other features, essential for the increase in account opening.

Remediation of Audit Findings and Ensuring Compliance

While it is time-critical for startups to get in line with their compliance regulations, it is equally important for giant financial service providers to be updated with their compliance requirements, as they acquire new partners and develop in-house fintech subsidiaries. All players in the finance industry need to continuously optimize and monitor their existing programs to successfully manage their evolving compliance risk profiles. We can provide the comprehensive IT solutions required for modernization, integrate program into the existing core ecosystem, and help organizations remediate their audit findings. We study the regulatory landscape, identify applicable regulations, and gaps, and upon discussion across their internal departments, we implement our processes. Carezian can boost the working profiles of Fintech enterprises, remediate audit findings, and ensure that they remain compliant throughout their operations.

The emerging industry of Fintech leverages technology to streamline financial services and Carezian can be your partner for the digital transformation of your operations.

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