Application Services

Application Services

What is Application Development?

The process of creating software programs that automate and standardize various business operations and increase the overall efficiency in minimized cost and implementation time is called Application Development. Today enterprises heavily depend on applications for their critical activities, including generation of sales reports, customer servicing, and more.

Applications & Development

We offer API/Micros Services, Application Integration & Development that drive revenue.

Digital Transformation

ERP Implementations, Application migration, API/micro Services, product development, Cloud Migration, Automation/DevOps Site Reliability Engineering, DevSecOps, Data management, and ML is in our wheelhouse.

What is Application Deployment?

After application development is done, the program or set of programs are released. When a business launches their website or application, it is called the production environment or live environment. Now if the business house wants to modify or add changes to their existing software, without affecting the live environment, they need to push additional environments, which are called deployment environments. Therefore, application deployment is nothing but making updates or changes from one environment to another one.

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Difference Between Development & Deployment

The stark difference between application development and deployment in today’s world is that the environment and tools used for developing an application from scratch would be different from the tools and environment used for deployment.

Development Stages

To make matter even simpler, we can say that traditionally the entire process of application development includes;

  • Planning
  • Application Development
  • Testing
  • Application Deployment
  • Monitoring

Therefore, it is evident that Application Deployment is an integral part of Application Development.

Multiple Environments

Depending on the nature and complexities of the projects, businesses require multiple deployment environments and with that comes various models of Deployment. The main advantage of using multiple environments is the capability to make changes without affecting the live application. Once the changes are tested and approved for implementation, the Deployment process helps to manage the rest.

The Carezian Service

  • Planning: We come up with a defined plan of action that standardizes processes regarding development and future changes. Our team makes it easier to follow the process each time modifications are made, ruling out any potential clash between schedules and changes. This becomes more beneficial in case of Open-Source Projects and/or when multiple users are working on one program. By providing a visible plan, we ensure a smooth and efficient development process.
  • Best Practices: We follow the best practices while developing, and achieve simultaneous development by working on development or local environments.
  • Rigorous Testing: Our Testing allows no bug into the final environment. We keep promoting changes as they pass the local environment to the next environment in line, all the way up to the live application. When we detect a bug, we send it back to the development phase and again the process continues.
  • Monitoring: Carezian adopts strategic action of monitoring, after an application goes live for users. We make sure if any unforeseen issue regarding a change crops up, it gets resolved by ready resources and with minimum user impact.

We, at Carezian have expertise to manage various types of Application Developments, including Mobile Application, Custom Application, Enterprise Application, Low Code Application, and many more. We understand every business has its unique application management policy, and we mould our services according to their needs.

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