Heavy & Civil Construction

Heavy and Civil Construction

The challenges for the Heavy and Civil Construction industry are many, but incompetent IT infrastructure should not be one of them. As a managed IT service provider, Carezian eliminates communication breakdown, network issues, and workflow gaps, for your Construction business. We ensure that all your business associates get access to their tools all the time, all software applications are integrated, and you get the maximum up time.

What We Deliver

  • Effective On-field communication
  • Secure sharing of files and data
  • Integration and Compatibility of your chosen software programs
  • Overall Network Health Maintenance

As your IT support partner, we will keep up with your time-sensitive demand and provide prompt support to tackle any issue that may emerge.

How can we assist?


Challenges Faced by the Heavy and Civil Construction Sector and Carezian Solutions:

  • Multiple sites, both permanent and temporary, in dispersed locations.

No matter where is your site office, we can offer you the IT support you require in real-time.

  • The number of users keep changing.

With our effective workflow management and communication channels, connecting internal and external team members is now easy.

  • Configuration and support of portable and mobile devices and applications.

We offer device management that cover all mobile devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc.

  • Remote Working Duties.

Our solutions streamline operations and reporting of all remote working duties.

We can assist you to meet your complex technology requirements. Our solutions will help you win project bids. While you concentrate on your core business, we will keep your organization compliant and secure. We will bring down your various IT overheads and facilitate you with cost-effective and scalable solutions.

We understand the industry of Heavy and Civil Construction and how technology should be leveraged for the optimal functioning of your numerous activities. Some of the key points offered by our comprehensive solutions include:

  • ERP Implementation
  • Heavy Bid and Heavy Job application deployments
  • Vista, Viewpoint
  • Remote job site setups, including dedicated IT staff for both onsite and remote deployment

We also offer a host of other solutions. Our cloud solutions will facilitate you to access and manage all files and data, anytime, anywhere from cloud. Our data recovery will salvage any data loss happened during an incident. We will keep your valuable data secure with continuous monitoring and firewall protection. Our solutions will provide network security, management, and bandwidth. Finally, our 24*7*365 IT support will be available to solve your every issue or query.

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