Developing Cloud Native Applications

To leverage the Cloud platform to its full potential, it is a wise move to develop applications that can be decoupled from their physical resources. Although Cloud does provide a virtualization layer between an application and its physical or virtual resource, that is not enough. As an organization you will be paying for the Cloud resources, so the applications that are more compatible with such resources, work faster and generate less billing.


  • Infrastructure as code (Iac)
  • Infrastructure as a service (Iaas)
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Containerization and Orchestration
  • Arm Templates and Terraform

What Carezian has to Offer?


Shifting to a new technology is not much different than adopting a new culture. We understand this and train organization team members accordingly. Our training leads to understanding, and gradually to acceptance.


Security is an integral component of automated testing and we incorporate it in our deployment process as we take a business to the Cloud. We actively supervise DevOps in the cloud on your behalf.

Service and Resource Management

Our managed service includes maintenance of services, resources, and APIs. We provide an infrastructure that tracks, monitors, and secures resources, and services. We provide clear guidelines regarding policies that will guide organizations about when they can access the resources, how they can leverage them, and so on.

How can we assist?


Performance Testing

Our automated testing empowers applications to perform perfectly, and also ensures efficient consumption of resources. Our performance tests mesh with accuracy and stability testing, and also with the testing of User Interface and APIs.

Our Final Thoughts

The amalgamation of DevOps and cloud-based infrastructure has huge potential. If organizations can leverage this conjunction properly, they can significantly improve their time to market, agility, as well as bring down operation expenses.

That being said, as with every emerging technology, guidance regarding the efficient use of DevOps in the Cloud is gradually becoming available; however, there are no clear definitions regarding the optimum utilization of the technology yet. It will require specific brainpower and investment in terms of time and cost. As an enterprise you might consider seeking out-house expertise and skill set for managing your Cloud adoption investments.

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