Educators and educational administrators have been managing complex business operations with limited budget for a long time. Due to the advent of online learning and the IT solution requirements that came with it, institutions in the education industry are waking up to the fact how managed IT service providers can help them achieve their goals in an efficient and affordable manner.

Please take a look at how as an expert Managed IT service provider, Carezian can help your educational institution.

Collaborative Learning

We can help with deployment and end-to-end management of collaborative learning solutions. From designing interactive video sessions to video conferencing communications, our stellar resources can build the right infrastructure to support your digital classroom. We will assist in set-up, provide round-the-clock monitoring, and also train your educators and admin members.

How can we assist?


Cloud Migration

We understand the challenges involved in the transformation from pen and paper documentation processes to a digital document management. As a managed IT service providing organization, we can make the process frictionless for you so that your daily operations are not hampered. We will organize, digitize, and migrate the hard documents, such as, syllabus, exam papers, student records, study materials, etc. to the cloud. This will reduce the burden on your on-site servers, decrease the server downtime, and secure user access to these vital institutional and student data.

Data Security

At Carezian, we will guide your institution to choose, purchase, implement, and manage the cyber security protection needed to protect the authenticity of your tests, quizzes, and other activities. Our security protocols will ensure honest student participation and safeguard all sensitive communication between teachers, staff members, guardians, and students.

Open Online Courses

A live environment of open online courses will entail a large number of users accessing a huge volume of information day and night, round the clock. In such environment, network performance becomes imperative. We will rigorously monitor your network and eliminate any glitch that may occur before it affects your operations.

Digital Database

By migrating large digital database such as library, to remote servers, we not only can reduce downtime and workload of onsite server, but also prevent data loss.

Data Loss Prevention and Recovery

To help you prepare for any contingency, Carezian can implement data loss protocols and action plans. And in case of an unforeseen incident, such as cyber-attack, machine failure, or natural calamities, as a skilled managed IT service provider, we will run data recovery and minimize the after-effects of service interruption or any data loss.

Education institutions can achieve a lot by adopting latest technologies. However, there are many security threats lurking in the dark web world, that have the potential to compromise sensitive student data and jeopardize the operations and reputation of an institution. This is why it becomes utmost important to select a technology partner that will provide a robust security and data management solution. We will not only provide effective tools and training, but will also assist you all the way to select the right solutions.

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