IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

A Data Center traditionally refers to the hardwire-based resources, including IT infrastructure devices and technologies. It generally includes the following components:

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Routers, switches, and other networking equipment
  • Firewall or Biometric Security Systems
  • Storage and Backup Storage
  • Data Center Management Software/Applications
  • Various non-computing resources, such as physical server racks, cables, power and cooling devices, etc.

With changing times, Data Centers have shifted from on-premise hardwire-based infrastructure to virtual network. These virtual data centers support applications across numerous physical infrastructures, within a multi-cloud environment. A modern Data Center, thus, must be able to communicate across such numerous sites, in the cloud and on-premises. Applications hosted in the cloud use resources from a cloud service provider.

IT as a Service

A value-add and business enabler for Organizations. We offer IT Outsourcing Services.

Technology Infrastructure

Services from Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service, Hardware as a service, Cloud, etc.

What is the Importance of Data Centers in Today’s World?

Data Centers support several critical business activities, including;

  • Email
  • File Sharing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and databases
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Virtual Desktops and other Collaboration tools

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What are the Different Types of Data Centers?

  • Data Centers: Enterprise
  • Data Centers: Managed Services
  • Data Centers: Colocation
  • Data Centers: On the Cloud

Managed Services Data Centers

The Data Centers that are managed by a Managed Service Provider or a third-party service provider, on behalf of an enterprise comes under this category. The enterprise or organization leases the infrastructure from the MSP, instead of purchasing.

What is Data Center Management?

Data Center Management refers to the processes and methodologies used for the management of the data center infrastructure and assets. It is a comprehensive approach to maintain organizational data centers, covering the IT infrastructure such as networks, hardware, software, and other physical infrastructures like cooling, power, lighting, etc.

Why do we need Data Center Management Services?

Data Center Management is required to safeguard the integrity and the performance of the core components;

  • Network Security Systems, including intrusion protection
  • Application Delivery and Availability through automatic failover and load balancing

What are the Benefits of Data Center Management Services?

  • Reduced headcount expenses through shared service, consolidation and automation
  • Continuous Monitoring and Support
  • State of the art technology through trained resources
  • Improved Service Availability Time to Business
  • SLA and preventive measures
  • Assurance of Quality Service through compliance

What does Our Data Center & IT Infrastructure Management Service Have to Offer?

We, at Carezian realize the complexities, challenges, and importance involved with data center and IT infrastructure management. We have put together a talent pool of highly skilled experts to support our managed operations across multiple disciplines. We deliver Infrastructure Management, including network, security, storage, and backup management. Our services also encompass Database Management, with monitoring, as well as various Middleware Management, such as Installation, Application Management, Maintenance, Deployment, and Administration.

Our comprehensive and integrated Data Center Services aim for high energy efficiency, maximum uptime, and scalability. We deliver utmost security, fire safety, sustainability, and reliable performance, around the clock. Our engineers and technicians bespeak solutions to fit your unique needs and service demands. We offer a wide range of network management and security programs, as well as cloud services, 

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