Audit Remediation

Audit Remediation

Every organization goes through auditing from time to time; be it internal audit, audit by external vendor, or by government agencies, the fact remains that audits are unavoidable, and even necessary for businesses. After the completion of every audit, come the audit observations. Auditors evaluate an organization’s systems, infrastructure, processes, and personnel, against pre-defined criteria, statutory regulations, standards, etc. The audit observations are the records of the auditors’ findings of areas of compliance-failures in respect to those standards or regulations. Audit Reports comprise these observations, along with evidence, and recommendations on measures of remediations.

When audit gets over, the real task for organizations begins. They need to respond to the audit observations and come up with a detailed action plan with timeline, describing their strategies to remediate the observations. As organizations are accountable for the mitigation and remediation measures, it is their duty to assign a centralized resource that will monitor the status of each remediation plan. More often than not, enterprises do not have the necessary manpower to address this vital task, as most of the time, they find their resources tied up with other lights-on projects and deliverables. This is where Carezian’s Audit Remediation services will help you before your next audit. We can remediate any non-compliance, arm your organization with proof of remediation, and make your organization ready to face any enquiry by auditors. As an extension of your organization, we will work in a cohesive manner with your internal departments and ensure that every remediation task is completed, so that you remain compliant with the authorities.

Regardless if your organization is preparing for an upcoming audit or has just received the final audit report, Carezian will seamlessly takes on the responsibilities, and enable your organization to carry on their regular day to day operations.

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What are the Benefits of Our Audit Remediation Service?

  • Evidence: Our Remediation Services will allow you to document and track all remediation actions and make resources, responsible for the remediation measures, accountable for their work.
  • Readiness: We will net out your vulnerabilities, take care of risk mitigation, and make you pass your next audit with improved readiness.
  • Reduced Audit Time: With all things in place, you will see a sharp decline in the duration of your next audit.
  • Time and Cost Optimization: When our experts take up your audit remediation tasks, your employees can do optimum utilization of their working hours, and your business operations will keep on running smoothly.

Carezian will work closely with your enterprise and your auditing company, to successfully close every remediation issue within a very short period of time. We will go through a review process of your audit observations, and our professionals will present a remediation plan, tailormade for your audit report. We will assign duties and resources, dedicated to manage all the check points of the action plan. After completion of all the remediation tasks, we will take feedback from your internal team, conduct a final review of all risks, and generate the evidence report.

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